Powerful Beyond Measure.

Made in the USA.

A clean, creative image. Dedicated to living, building and creating.

Our inspiration comes from the minds and lives of the greatest. Influenced by their ability to lead, have confidence, and stand out while greatly influencing the mainstream. Our mission through our brand is to inspire and manifest the greatness within us all.

PbM is about life, and living the best life. We promote leadership and uplift our society through our nonstop campaign to “Inspire Greatness Within,” and our brands firm belief that “Ideas Breed Success.” We believe clothing is more than just how and what you wear, it’s how you feel in your attire too. We want to create a brand that emits great emotion, not just for the wearer, but for everyone who sees our brand as well. PbM is where the streets meet with, “confident elegancy,” to be well dressed with charm. How one wears their clothing is important, but how one carries themselves in their clothing another.

Be Powerful Beyond Measure.

Mt. Leisure.

A PbM sub-brand.

What we want to do is produce comfortable, creative, functional, and great quality design with the hopes to provide comfort and ease to our customers.  By this, also reflecting our perception of a contemporary lifestyle.
Although we venture into modernism, we embrace the classics.  We are creators, seekers, and innovators looking to move society in a fashionable way.
According to Ray Eames, “what works good is better than what looks good, because what works good last.” And we believe that if it works well, it can likewise look good.
The principal, “form follows function,” identifies with the aesthetic geometry in nature and life itself, which inspires our work.

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